What is the Housing & Building Association of Western Colorado?

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What is the Housing & Building Association of Western Colorado?

By now you are likely familiar with two of our largest events:  The Home Improvement & Remodeling Expo in the spring, and the Parade of Homes in the fall.  You may not be familiar with the organization behind them.

The Housing & Building Association of Western Colorado (HBA) is a not-for-profit professional trade-association that was chartered by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in January 1974.

HBA Expo Show

Over the past 44 years, we have been promoting the housing and building industry on the western slope.  Our members consist of companies that not only include builders, developers, and remodelers, but also trade contractors, landscapers, suppliers, plumbers, banks, mortgage lenders, title companies, and many more. Together we work to support our local construction industry.

The first image you may have when one mentions the construction industry is the builder wearing a hard hat, tool belt, cutting lumber and hammering nails.  Think beyond that image to how this industry affects almost every business.  From the architect, real estate professional, lender, materials suppliers (lumber, windows, doors, insulation), the product manufacturers, installers, (plumbers, electricians, flooring), to the landscapers and nurseries supplying the flowers, plants, trees, and let’s not forget the furniture stores supplying that new living room, dining and bedroom set.  For every one home built, over THREE full-time jobs are created.

Whether it’s a remodel or new construction, these jobs are vital in our community and those across the country. Which is why we are here.

Affiliated with the National Association of Homebuilders as well as the Colorado Association of Homebuilders, our collective voice is strong and is heard from Denver to Washington D.C.

The State and National Associations watch the regulations and policies affecting those in the industry as well as the homebuyer, such as mortgage, finance, building codes, energy, and the environment.

Our association and our board of directors are committed to protecting the building industry and our community, keeping the American dream of homeownership in reach.  To learn more about our association and our upcoming events, visit us at for an online list of our members.

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Save the Date

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Builder Spotlight: Copper Creek Homes

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Silas Colman and Chris Colman

Owner / Copper Creek Homes  970-256-7355

Copper Creek Homes

Copper Creek Kitchen




Copper Creek firepit

How did you get started in this business? 
(By: Chris) I started working in construction as a heavy equipment operator and framer nearly 40 years ago while going to Bible College to be a minister. I later went into ministry full-time and was the lead pastor at quickly growing Christian church for 25 years. When my son, Silas, was attending College, he really wanted me to go into the real estate business with him after graduation. In addition to attending College full-time during the school year and working on commercial fishing boats in Alaska during the summers, Silas saved money for his first real estate purchase. In 2001, the timing was right and we started our real estate business together. We began by purchasing houses to remodel and rent or sell. We successfully completed hundreds of total home renovation projects. Through that process, we spent a lot of time fixing the corners that were cut by the original builders. This gave us a different insight into the construction industry and a passion to take care of the details that make a house more functional, and longer lasting. As they say, “It is easier to do things right the first time”. Over the years we’ve transitioned into a company that designs and builds homes, buildings and complete neighborhoods from the ground up.

What sets Copper Creek Builders 
apart from other builders? (By: Silas) As a land development and construction company, we have the opportunity to impact the customer experience to a much greater degree than we could if we were just building a single house. With each of our residential projects, we begin with a blank canvas of raw land and we brainstorm ways we can make life more enjoyable for the people who will live in our neighborhoods. We believe that people are happier when they have more opportunities to get outside and be active without having to drive across town. We also believe there is a lot of value in bringing people together, so we add features into our neighborhoods that give our customers more opportunities to do both of those things. In our neighborhoods, we have community gardens, private neighborhood parks, walking trails and outdoor entertaining areas that all the residents can enjoy. Every house we build has a front porch so our customers have the opportunity become a part of the social fabric in their neighborhood. To top it all off, we have an incredible team of people who are hard working, highly qualified and a pleasure to be around. Sunni Gagler makes sure everything in the office runs smoothly, Beary King, our foreman works hard to ensure every home meets our quality standards and Naomi Colman is likely to be the first friendly voice you hear when you call in to ask questions about a Copper Creek homes. We have also selected some of the very best trade partners in the valley, guys who show up on time with a good attitude and take pride in the quality of their work.

What do you do when you’re not working? 
(By: Silas) Family time is really important to both of us and we both enjoy spending time outdoors. We recently finished a self-guided expedition through a section of the Brooks Range of Alaska about 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle. What an incredible experience!

What’s the story behind 
the Copper Creek name? (By: Silas) When we started this business, we wanted to have a name that would serve as a subtle reminder of the big picture and would also help us to spread a message that is important to us. Many years ago we became involved with a local based non-profit called the The Alkare Foundation (, whose mission is to locate orphanages around the world that are in need of funding to cover the basic necessities of food and clean water. Through the years, I have been able to visit several orphanages in Thailand and Mexico. While in Mexico, I came across an orphanage in the Copper Canyon region that was filled with 28 young, smiling faces with hungry stomachs! The woman who runs the orphanage and the children who live there have a story that inspired me more than words can express. When I returned, I shared the details with my Dad and we both committed to taking care of those kids and the new ones that continually come in. The name of our company not only reminds us that there is a bigger purpose to what we do but it also allows us to share the message, like I’m doing right now! With the sale of each home in Copper Creek North, we and a few of our trade partners donate $2,500 to the Alkare Foundation. The foundation now supports not only the orphanage in Copper Canyon, but also four other orphanages in Mexico and Africa. These donations are only possible because of the customers that buy our homes. This means that those customers who buy our homes are helping contribute to a great cause, whether they know it or not! A special thanks goes out to Dave and Nancy Kimbrough and Edward and Nicole Quigley for contributing and being a part of the story from the very beginning. To learn more about a great cause visit

Where can inquiring minds go to learn more about upcoming Copper Creek Projects? 
(By: Silas) The neighborhood we are currently building in is called Copper Creek North, which consists of approximately 85 lots, 4 private parks, a walking trail that meanders through the entire neighborhood and a small community center. We sold out our first filing in 10 months and just released the second filing to our waiting list. Within 2 weeks of our Filing 2 release, we’ve pre-sold 14 homes! I only say that so those of you who are interested in Copper Creek North can get an idea of how fast things are selling right now. We still have some great lots left in the 2nd filing and are happy to give tours of the neighborhood, model homes and answer questions.

To get more information or schedule 
a tour you can visit our website at or call 970-256-7355. Looking for help with your home? Call the HBA of Western Colorado at 970-245-0253 or

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Builder Spotlight: Porter Homes

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Nate Porter

Owner / Porter Homes 970-255-7077

Porter Homes             CMU graduate Nate Porter started his custom homebuilding firm over 10 years ago just as the pain of the economic downturn really began to impact the construction industry. In the past 10 years the firm has grown from building one or two homes a year, with Nate wearing a tool belt every day, to delivering 17 custom homes in 2016. How has the building industry changed in the last 10 years? When I started the company, a builder had many sub-contractor options on each project. Then came the downturn, companies closed and people left the area. Now with the economy better we have new builders opening up and competition for our sub-contractors. When I started Porter homes, our primary customers were people changing homes because of family growth and jobs and today a great portion of the homes we build are for retirees relocating to the Grand Valley to take advantage of the recreational opportunities and the active lifestyle of the area.
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Builder Spotlight: GJ Gardner Construction

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Lawrence Balerio

Owner / GJ Gardner Construction  970-245-7542

GJ Gardner Construction

GJ Gardner KitchenGJ Gardner Bath

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised here in Grand Junction.

How did you get started in the building industry?

In high school I started out as a framer’s helper during the summer months. After finishing school I went to work as an equipment operator and eventually worked my way up to foreman. At the age of 20, I went to work for Unocal as an underground miner in the oil shale industry. After Unocal closed its door I started my own excavation company, then added concrete, home building and land development to the mix.

How has the industry changed since you got started?

There have been great advancements in green building techniques and as well as a lot of new products that make building more affordable then it was in the past. This means that today’s buyers get a more efficient home that’s less expensive to operate than a home built just three to five years ago.

What should consumers look for in a new home?

A home that suits the way you live! You shouldn’t settle for almost right, after all buying a home is the largest purchase you’ll make, so spend the time to get a home that matches your needs, lifestyle and budget — not only for today but for years to come. Stop by our Design Center and we’ll help you get the perfect home in the perfect location.

What kind of questions should consumers ask a builder before they sign a contract?

It’s always best to know exactly what you’re getting before you hand over your hard earned money! – is a great resource, I’d recommend buyers download the “New Home Building Checklist.” Interviewing your builder before you sign a contract or pay a deposit could potentially save you thousands on a home purchase and avoid surprises at a later stage. The checklist covers all aspects of the process including deposits, pricing, land, plans, design, builder specific procedures, guarantees, construction practices and warranties.

Is there a particular style of home 
that you consider your specialty or prefer to build?

Whether it’s our design, a client’s dream plan or something we’ve created from scratch, I take pride in building a home that suits the client’s individual needs, lifestyle, and budget. We have plans ranging form a traditional, to euro-country, to craftsman, to contemporary. In fact, we have just added more than 20 plans designed for today’s active lifestyles which incorporate open living concepts, kitchen islands, home offices, study centers, owner’s entries with drop zones and charging centers for electronics, and outdoor living spaces — and all offer flexibility and customization.

What is the most unusual feature you’ve put in a home?

The list is as diverse as our customer base, as most of what we build is customized specifically for our clients. On the mild side pet washes, heated garages, or custom kitchens. Then some get more carried away by incorporating home theater rooms, man caves, custom bars, oversized garages or workshops, outdoor kitchens, and even the occasional pool.

What do you enjoy when you’re not working?

I enjoy Sunday afternoons when the family gets together for dinner and a movie. It’s also great when my wife and I can squeeze in a ride on our Harleys.


My lovely wife Charlotte, two sons Lawrence and Zane, both currently working for me, one as a sales consultant and the other as an estimator. I also have two beautiful daughters, Lauren and Mya.

What do you enjoy about living in western Colorado?

I enjoy the small town feel of our community and all that it has to offer. We have everything we need right here including great restaurants, hunting, fishing and skiing. There is a little of something out there for everyone. It has been a great place to be raised and it’s a great place to raise a family.

Why did you partner with G.J. Gardner Homes?

My relationship with G.J. Gardner Homes allows me to take advantage of national buying power, and proven systems, as well as gives me access to hundreds of new designs, so I can build more with less. The end result is my customers get a great home built by local subcontractors and suppliers but with the efficiencies of an international organization which helps build homes faster and more cost effectively. As an example, in the past it would take a few weeks to design and price a custom home. Now I can do it in a few days. Gardner helps organize and speed up the process so our clients save all the way through the process.

Looking for a builder? Call the HBA of Northwestern Colorado at 
970-245-0253 or visit

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